Friday, March 9, 2012

Neat Javascript Graphics Libraries

Here are some really neat javascript libraries if you want to do wonderful graphical things in your browser:

  • CakeJs - This scene-graph library was one of the fastest and most responsive that I found and it has some support for mobile devices too. It has many performance optimizations that are key for using the html5 canvas.
  • Processing.js - The classic Processing graphics framework ported to javascript. The neat thing is that it translates a converts a regular Processing .pde file into a javascript file for use on the canvas. This means you could have a program that works on both a java applet and one that works on an html5 canvas! Plus it has a large community from the javascript side and the enormous processing community.
  • Three.js - A really awesome and powerful library for doing 3D graphics using the canvas or webgl.
  • EaselJS - Another neat scene-graph library, although not as fast as CakeJs it has a lot of support for use with external libraries like animation and sound.
  • Paper.js - A very very very pretty canvas scene-graph library that uses scalable vector graphics(SVGs) to render really clean and fast interactive graphics.
  • Raphael - The library we're using for our project. Its another very very very pretty scene-graph library except it doesn't use the canvas and renders everything directly using SVGs so its externally fast for things with a low load of dynamic and moving content. It also works very fast on mobile devices and supports multi-touch. Also if you've seen the really neat graphs and charts on github, those are similar to what can be done using Raphael.

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