Wednesday, February 12, 2014

We're back for another semester

Spring 2014 proposal
Peirce Logic

Group Members: Dimitar Dimitrov (, Derek Meer (

Our idea is to continue working on our cross-platform Existential Graph proof system for propositional logic proofs. We were suggested to tackle this type of project by Professor Bram van Heuveln. Past attempts at software dealing with Existential Graphs have not proven to be very usable due to poor interface designs. One use for this software is in Introductory Logic classes in order to show other ways of doing proofs apart from traditional methods. The following is a quick summary of what Existential Graphs are by Bram:
Existential Graphs is an alternate logic proof system created by Charles Saunders Peirce. An interesting feature of Existential Graphs is that the nature of proofs in a subtly different way as compared to traditional systems. In traditional formal logic, a proof is a sequence of statements, that one writes after (or under) each other. However, in Existential Graphs, all of the inference rules of the system require one to either add or remove parts to or from a single graphical notation. Thus, a proof in Existential Graphs is the successive transformation of one graph, representing the given information, to another, representing the inferred information. Indeed, one transforms, rather than rewrites. Crudely put: a proof in Existential Graphs is a movie!
    We are a returning group to RCOS and we are continuing on the foundation of the project which we laid out over the past four semesters. Last semester we refactored a ton of our code base and separated the user interface and logic backend into their own respective components. We also integrated google app engine’s authentication capabilities into our platform.
    This semester we have a significant decline in team size, the main focus will be to get all touch controls working for cross platform capabilities such as tablets and phones. If all goes well proof storage can also be finished this semester.

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